We believe that your IT network should be reliable, flexible and help your business be more efficient. Network downtime can be very frustrating and extremely costly to your organisation. Microworld provide a complete range of support packages and services that can be tailored to each companies individual needs.

Managed Network Support

With Microworld’s fully managed network support your entire network is in the hands of our highly skilled IT engineers. We constantly monitor your systems to ensure that they are performing as they should. If a problem arises then you can rest assured that we will be alerted and committed to resolving the issue.


Microworld’s IT hardware support services are both comprehensive and flexible. We can deliver consultation for setting up server infrastructure or deliver server support as required.

PC / Laptops



With Microworld, you can expect to experience a dramatic reduction of unscheduled downtime and lower IT costs because problems will be detected and resolved faster – often before you’re even aware of them. Managed services also helps you reduce and optimize your IT spending, keep more of your internal resources focused on core business activities, and arms you with accurate data about the health and performance of your IT assets.

Remote Monitoring

Reliance on IT makes uptime of a server the most important part of your business day. Server downtime could severely disrupt your organisation’s operation. The possibility of critical applications failing and causing costly disruption is a threat which every business needs to consider.

Our Remote Monitoring service minimises the risk of IT downtime by providing continuous monitoring of your servers. We will detect early warning signs of potential problems, often before you realise you even have a problem. Combined with your Microworld Support contract, it will enable preventative action before users are impacted and productivity is reduced, resulting in the maximum possible uptime of your IT system.

Partnered with Naverisk, our remote monitoring checks drive space, services and event logs for warnings before they become errors. This technology also extends to workstations and other IT equipment giving you a clear oversight of your IT infrastructure which can be viewed securely.



Remote Support

For years, businesses have had to rely solely on site visits when an issue occurs. As the demand for user support climbs ever higher, it is inevitable that IT companies struggle to accommodate the change.

We have the ability to remotely support your business, wherever you are. Surveys have showed that 80% of faults can be rectified remotely and with our Microsoft certified engineers you know you are in the best hands. Our remote support package is small download it can be used over any time of broadband connection such as WiFi or mobile network, inside or outside the office so we can support you at any location.

Using the latest technology we can remotely access your device with a few clicks. Allowing us to see the problem you are facing and take direct action without the wait time for an engineer to arrive. We are able to access both Windows and Mac and it’s highly secure using 2048-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encryption. Combined with our telephone support we can get your issue resolved quickly and easily.

Disaster Recovery

In today’s world having an effective data backup and disaster recovery solution in place can be the difference between a business with a bright future and one that loses crucial business. We understands the needs of organizations of all sizes when it comes to disaster recovery and bare metal restore. We work with you to provide technology to ensure businesses continue to operate with minimal interruption.

Why are disaster recovery solutions important?

Disaster recovery is, quite simply, being able to continue your mission-critical business operations after an interruption of some kind. Companies must be able to resurrect their applications and processes at the point where they were before the outage occurred. Disaster Recovery solutions from Microworld address both physical and virtual environments ensuring critical data, applications, and complete systems are protected no matter what.

How can we help?

With our experience of creating and testing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans for a wide range of clients we can help you identify your core business requirements and work with you to create a plan so you and your staff can start to get your business back on track should disaster occur.

We have the knowledge and experience to assess your backup processes to ensure they are appropriate. We can create, or assist you with creating your own disaster recovery setup and identify risks that should be covered within your business continuity plans. We monitor and test all our disaster recovery solutions and have multiple high specifications servers that are on standby, ready to bring online to restore your business at any location. During our scheduled test restores we welcome you to see the results for yourself at our offices in Huddersfield to give you complete peace of mind.

We partner with solution providers Veeam and Symantec to create a DR plan that allows for business continuity with a minimum of downtime.

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